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Andina Latin Foods was established in 2017 when his director Oscar Ochoa, decided to proudly continue his family legacy and started writing the story of Andina Latin Foods.


Oscar grew up in a family with more than 35 years in the Arepas manufacturing business in Colombia, and as a Mechanical Engineer has accrued more than ten-year-experience in the food industry in Australia.

Andina Latin Foods is committed to provide products manufactured with high quality ingredients, that surpass its consumers expectations, offering an unmatched service.


Conscious of the limited offer of healthy products in the market, our model is based on offering more alternatives, which are gluten free, 100% natural, free of additives, artificial colours or flavours, and manufactured using Non- GMO ingredients. Andina Latin Foods' purpose is to contribute to fulfil the gap for this type of products in the Australian market.



Arepa is one of the most traditional food staples in Colombia, in some regions it is consumed as a complement for almost every meal. This has been an essential part of our culture for over 500 years and we continue to uphold this delicious tradition. 

Almojábana is a soft, bun-shaped and slightly sweet cheese bread. Almojábanas are a delicious treat to enjoy at breakfast, with your morning or afternoon tea, and they are perfect to serve as rolls during dinner and as appetisers for a party or brunch.

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